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August 22,2019: Define Science Fiction

Science Fiction can be defined as as the fantasy of what can or ideologies of many scientist or fiction authors create. They use the likes of aliens, magic or anything that there imagination can take them and use that with a from of science present. Some examples of science fiction include the Netflix series w;''Stranger things'' , Harry Potter and the majority of things in the Syfy Network that basically has all the science fiction series known to man.

August 22,2019: What I Learned

After doing a little research about Science Fiction I have learned some new information about the genre and as well as the information I already knew about Science Fiction has been re-confirmed and here's what I've found out. Since early scientist were present in the 17th and 18th century (Enlightenment Era) like Galileo and Newton there was a present of science making an impact on the world. We just needed someone to bring those things to life and add a little more something spicy to what they know about science. Science fiction then popped up with one of its important works to date which was Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley novel The Prometheus Frankenstein Somethings that I have found that I never knew is that HG Wells and Jules Verne were the founders of science fiction. Both men wrote books that described something that wasn't invented at first but took some time to come to reality. For instance, H.G Wells wrote when the sleeper wakes in 1899 that described battles with aircraft quadrants. Jules Verne wrote Five Weeks in a balloon that gave a description of aviation that came to light in a couple of years later. Hugo Gernsback is credited with popularizing science fiction and bringing it into the mainstream. Gernsback was also the one to coin the word scientific fiction. which became stories for entertainment and informational During the times some other authors came in and wrote stories about certain inventions that haven't been invented yet like Edwin Balmer 1910 Achievements of Luther Trant described the lie detector Like for instance scientist get most of what they want to discover from science fiction.