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August 25, 2019: New Media Post 1

New Media in my own definition is digital ways of communication to keep to world up-to-date on whats new, hot, bad for you, or where people mostly express what they are most passionate about. For example many people use blogs in order to express personal opinions about politics or the hottest celebrities out today. Music videos are a form of new media because a lot of technology is used in order to create a vision and get people noticed. Other examples could include youtube, facebook, tumbler, twitter, the news, and many more because they all are digital forms of digital communication. One can express their own opinions and facts through these platforms about what goes on in the world around them and you get to see what life is like from another persons perspective and most can relate to what others say most of the time which can seem kind of crazy. New media is important and in a digital age without having new media it would be hard to get a lot of things out into the world and be able to express ones self with the world.

August 25, 2019: New Media Post 2