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October 19: In Addition...

After reading Espen Aarseth's Genre Trouble, I found that most of what he said supported my previous journal entry. This reinforced my view that there's a shift being made from a game just being a set of rules to follow to accomplish a goal to a complex storyline for the player to uncover.

The main argument from my previous discussion that I found support for in Genre Trouble was that "it was stated that the difference between films and games was simply the "interactivity" of the games."[1] I think this is an interesting aspect to the way new media comes into play in the games.

The fact that games are becoming so immersive adds a new element to everything. The "reader" of the text is no longer an outsider, they are heavily involved and invested in the game and characters.

If you are reading only this journal entry just to reply for the assignment, please read my previous entry as well for more context. This journal entry is build upon things I wrote about in my last entry. Thank you!

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