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August 25, 2019: Science Fiction

Science Fiction is a genre of fiction where the author or creator imagines concepts that are rooted in science. Examples of this could be things like time travel, aliens, space, and futuristic technology.

August 25, 2019: Science Fiction

There are a few things that I picked up from the research I completed, the reading of material provided, and digesting of the video "The Truth About Science Fiction"[1]. Science Fiction in it's modern form came around in the 1700s. However, there is evidence of many of the elements in the w:history of science fiction that date back well before this time, such as throughout epics. A very common epic that is referenced when you start to research precursors of sci-fi is the ancient w:Epic of Gilgamesh. It is interesting to see also how much science fiction has predicted things to really happen in the future. For example, in the video "The Truth About Science Fiction" the book w:Around the Moon is mentioned. In this story, the author actually mentions the concept of weightlessness, which was at the time something they did not know. Inventors also, as well as scientist, use and used concepts and ideas that science fiction presented to inspire their own endeavors, as note in "The Truth About Science Fiction", such as helpful robots around the household, as well as the combination of robots and humans, like the w:cyborg, which was introduced to the world by w:Raymond F. Jones in his novel The Cybernetic Brains.

@Tprouty93: Hello, I enjoyed reading your post. I remember reading the Epic of Gilgamesh in World literature. I did not think to mention that or tie it in with this class. Your post is well written and free of errors. I have one question about your links. How do you get the reference section links to look how they do?--TSmith2020 (talk) 01:14, 7 September 2019 (EDT)

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