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October 27, 2019: Video Games as a Narrative Medium

Video games have came a long way from matching blocks on [[w:Tetris|Tetris]. Nowadays, video games can take you on journey that you get yourself consumed in. Video games can suck you in with the nice graphics but the storytelling which helps guide you through the journey is also very compelling. Technology has created more mediums in which narratives can be told and video games are on of those mediums. Video games get you fully immersed into the storytelling by connecting you with the main character as you achieve goals in your journey.Connecting with the main character has become more engaging with the advancement of gaming systems such as virtual reality which can allow you to see what's happening with your character through their eyes.[1]

One element that shows how video games work as a narrative medium is the fact that there is a problem that needs to be solved.[2]Almost every single video has some sort of issue that the player must solve whether its saving a princess from and evil villain or or defeating the monster that is destroying the town. When you have an issue to solve, having a narrative as a guide will help the player get through the tasks. Video games should not replace books in storytelling but, it is worth noting that video games can also have a positive impact on people if played responsibly. Problem solving skills are something to learn through these video games and the stories they can tell.

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