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October 13, 2019: My Life Inside of Second Life

This was my first time ever experiencing the game Second Life. I have played games similar to it like The Sims but it has been a long time since the last time I played. When I first started the game, I had the option to pick out an avatar that was already dressed and could customize it how ever I wanted. When I tried to customize it, I found that there were not many options for the look I was going for in the game. They had one hair style that was close to my hair texture so I just went with that. Navigating the game to customize my character was a little challenging at first but once I started playing more, I was able to edit my character better.

Once I felt comfortable navigating my way around the game, I went out to search for any person of group of people to interview. This was also a difficult task since there were so many portals that you could go through to meet people. They had music, role play, gaming, and many more portals that took you to the island that you chose. I went into the new citizens portal. When I entered the the portal, there were many people online and some of them greeted me. Since they were constantly speaking in the chat, I asked if I could interview. Some people answered my questions in the group chat while one other person answered in a private chat. The first question I asked was how they chose their characters. Some people said that they change their clothes everyday just like they would in the real world. Other people in the chat mentioned that they chose their clothes based on what season it was. When I asked how they would change my style, they just gave me some tips on how to change my character. One avatar told me to copy and paste from a library and some helped me in changing the color of my clothes.

My final avatar look was inspired by the reasoning one of the characters that said why they picked the clothes they picked. I gave my character long pants and a jacket since the weather outside is getting a little bit cooler. The boots are similar to a pair that I own in real life. I noticed that as I was looking at what to put on my character, I was thinking more of how I could make this character look like me. That was the way that I wanted to approach it and what made me happy. Some people chose to be avatars that were not even human. There were some demon avatars and a fox-looking avatar.