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== September 29, 2019: Convergence Culture; From Consumers to Creators ==
== Journal Post 7 ==
[[w:Linux|Linux]] is an alternative operating system to the the Windows operating system created by [[w:Linus Torvalds|Linus Torvalds]] alongside a team of hackers.{{sfn|Moore|2017}}This OS is an Open Source Software which means that it is open to the public and they do not have to pay to use it.{{sfn|The Linux Kernel Archives: About |2014}} Having this system being free made me think that this system could not really be good. Why would anyone put something out for free. After watching the documentary ''Revolution OS'', I understood a little bit where the key players such as [[w:Richard Stallman|Richard Stallman]] and [[w:Eric S. Raymond|Eric S. Raymond]] were coming from and I respect their efforts. They felt that not being able to things such as codes between operating systems to be wrong and came up with their own solution to their problem. I also understand the side of [[w:Bill Gates|Bill Gates]] when he mentions how people shouldn't expect a group of people to work on an operating system to do it for free.{{sfn|An Open Letter to Hobbyists|1976}} The work that people have to put in to make these operating systems work well are tedious and they should be compensated for their work.
With all this information, my idea of new media still remains the same. New media is more so the content rather than the new technologies themselves. There is more new pieces of content being created such as new social platforms rather than more new technologies. When it comes to these operating systems, they have influenced each other and have become more advanced now in 2019 than they were in the 1990s.
* {{cite web |people=Moore, J.T.S. (Director) |date=2001 |title=Revolution OS |trans-title= |medium=video |language=English |url=https://youtu.be/4vW62KqKJ5A |access-date=2019-07-20 |ref=harv }}</ref>
* {{cite web |url=https://www.kernel.org/category/about.html |title=The Linux Kernel Archives: About |website=kernel.org |date=September 2, 2014 |accessdate=September 4, 2015}}
* {{cite web |url=http://www.blinkenlights.com/classiccmp/gateswhine.html |title=An Open Letter to Hobbyists |last=Gates |first=Bill |date=February 3, 1976 |website=Blinken Lights |publisher= |access-date=2018-08-16 |quote=As the majority of hobbyists must be aware, most of you steal your software. | ref=harv}}

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September 29, 2019: Convergence Culture; From Consumers to Creators