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== References ==
== References ==
* {{cite web |url=https://grlucas.net/grl/New_Media |title=New Media |last=Lucas |first=Gerald |date=Dec 23, 2013 |website=Gerald R. Lucas |publisher= |access-date=2018-08-12 |ref=harv |quote=New media studies involve the digital technologies of human participation and communication, and the study of the social and cultural changes that these technologies precipitate. }}
* {{cite book |last=Manovich |first=Lev |chapter=New Media from Borges to HTML |editor1-last=Wardrip-Fruin |editor2-last=Montfort |title=NMR |chapter-url=http://manovich.net/content/04-projects/033-new-media-from-borges-to-html/30_article_2001.pdf |access-date=2018-08-11 |page=13–25 |author-link=w:Lev Manovich |ref=harv }}
* {{cite book |last=Murray |first=Janet H. |chapter=Inventing the Medium |editor1-last=Wardrip-Fruin |editor2-last=Montfort |title=NMR |page=3–11 |author-link=w:Janet H. Murray |ref=harv }}

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August 14, 2019: New Media

I consider to be New Media is exactly what the name states. New Media is the new forms in which media is created. Rather than having information given to us on papers such as a newspapers or magazines, New Media is created with the help of the internet. The internet has made a lot of information easily available to people by putting information on websites such as CNN or FOX News. Even magazines can be made digital these days. New Media has given people a different form of media that people can consume on a day to day basis

August 25, 2019: New Media

One aspect about New Media that I learned from reading the texts is the idea of new technologies being assimilated into everyday life in the U.S. Since there are so many new technologies that are being created in the U.S. most people do not think twice about these technologies and they are assumed to be a part of everyday life any because there are so many things coming out.[1]If there was a country where there are not many new technologies being created, the reaction to these new technologies would be different. Those countries that have a slow production of new technologies have more time to think about these new technologies. Another aspect from the readings that I learned was that no matter what time people live, New Media will always be seen as distrusted media. The more advanced technology becomes, the more people start to worry about using them. People see technology as becoming too smart and the abilities that they learn could be abused by some people.[2]The last aspect I learned from reading the texts is that New Media has made people more than consumers and has “decentralized media control and production.”[3] People these days can create their own projects because people now have access to the digital technologies and can use them to create their own creative projects.