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August 22,2019: Define Science Fiction

Science Fiction can be defined as as the fantasy of what can or ideologies of many scientist or fiction authors create. They use the likes of aliens, magic or anything that there imagination can take them and use that with a from of science present. Some examples of science fiction include the Netflix series Stranger Things , Harry Potter and the majority of things in the Syfy that basically has all the science fiction series known to man.

August 22,2019: What I Learned

After doing some research about the history of science fiction I found a lot of information that I never really knew and somethings that I already knew. some things that i found out is that early scientist were present in the 17th and 18th century Enlightenment Era like Galileo and Newton there was a present of science making an impact on the world. Eventually the scientist imagination came along and wanted to have some fun and creativity. Some of those imaginations came in forms of a book. Like for instance Johnathan Swift's Gulliver's Travel and Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley novel The Prometheus aka Frankenstein.

Even after those authors got involved in science fiction, then more authors got involved like HG Wells and Jules Verne.HG Wells and Jules Verne were the founders of science fiction. Both men wrote books that described something that wasn't invented at first but took some time to come to reality. For instance, H.G Wells wrote The Sleeper Awakes in 1899 that described battles with aircraft quadrants. Jules Verne wrote Five Weeks in a Balloon that gave a description of aviation that came to light in a couple of years later. Hugo Gernsback is credited with popularizing science fiction and bringing it into the mainstream. Gernsback was also the one to coin the word scientific fiction. which became stories for entertainment and informational During the times some other authors came in and wrote stories about certain inventions that haven't been invented yet like Edwin Balmer 1910 Achievements of Luther Trant described the lie detector.

Now that we are in the 21st century we have moved forward from writing books to writing scripts and producing them into movies and shows.

@JShepp912: Hello! I thought of the same things when science fiction came to mind before we had to do research. I see that your thoughts have changed about what it all is and mine has too. In this article I found, it talks about how science fiction actually consist of both hard science fiction and soft science fiction. I think we were both just more exposed to the soft science fiction. I explain it a little more in my journal.--Daisja30 (talk) 22:31, 31 August 2019 (EDT)

September 8, 2019: John Cheever's The Swimmer

In today’s journal entry life and the time, we have will be the topic of my choice coming from the short story “The Swimmer”. Authors Susan H. McFadden and Robert C. Atchley wrote a book called Aging and the Meaning of Time[1] which can relate to this short story. After reading the short story and analyzing summaries from the book Susan H. McFadden and Atchley wrote some question pooped in my head like what has my long life meant and how have the years shaped me? I believe that’s what the character Neddy was thinking the whole time he was in those different swimming pools or maybe after he got out them pools and realized what life has done for him.

Time is an inevitable thing that we can never ever ger back. That’s why people always say live your life to the fullest. When we are born, we have a purpose to fulfill and we shouldn’t spend time just wasting the days and night we have. We need to spend more time with the useful things in life like family and friends that benefit us in the long run. Wasting your time is just basically wasting a perfectly good life. Neddy wasn’t really paying attention to all of that, he just wanted to swim. Swim, Swim, Swim that was the only thing on his mind. He had a whole family maybe a kid but just spend his time in the water. Enjoying time in the water rather than enjoying the life he left behind. That’s not the way to live your life. Neddy had to learn some hard lessons during his time in that water like how you think people will always be there for you but in the long they will turn their back on you in a heartbeat.

The only people you have in this world that really have your back is your family. Its until you turn your back on them, they turn their back on you. When Neddy finally get back from his swimming adventures he finds out that his family has left him.[2]

September 8,2019 The Swimmer and La Jetee

After reading these two stories If I could I would have to agree with my fellow colleague @Daisja30 in what she has to say about the two works after reading their journal entries. Both works of writing were a great piece of work. They fit with one another. I would have to say that La Jetee is more of a science fiction story because it's based off time travel while in "The Swimmer" it's more so elapsed time. I feel like in a sense "The Swimmer" is trying to run away from time and in La Jetee he's trying to get his time back. For instance, Neddy has basically everything going for him. He has his wife and kids. he's an energetic and cheerful husband and it seems like he has basically nothing else to lose. So, he spends his time swimming and going to cocktail parties with his friends and as time goes by he becomes old and weary. At the end of the story he realizes that his life isn't all that good and becomes an old lonely and frail man. Something he was trying not to be

Time is an inevitable thing that we can never ever ger back. That’s why people always say live your life to the fullest. When we are born, we have a purpose to fulfill and we shouldn’t spend time just wasting the days and night we have. We need to spend more time with the useful things in life like family and friends that benefit us in the long run. Wasting your time is just basically wasting a perfectly good life. Neddy wasn’t really paying attention to all of that, he just wanted to swim. Swim, Swim, Swim that was the only thing on his mind. He had a whole family maybe a kid but just spend his time in the water. Enjoying time in the water rather than enjoying the life he left behind. That’s not the way to live your life. Neddy had to learn some hard lessons during his time in that water like how you think people will always be there for you but in the long they will turn their back on you in a heartbeat. The only people you have in this world that really have your back is your family. Its until you turn your back on them, they turn their back on you. When Neddy finally get back from his swimming adventures he finds out that his family has left him. [3]

In La Jetta a story motioned by pictures and a narrator which was put together marvelously this is more of a science fiction short story. Even though it just seemed as if the man was sleeping, he was still able to feel everything that was going on while he was under the medicine the doctor gave to him. When going through different times he found this beautiful elegant woman who he falls in love with. After going through all the time with the women he wakes up and the mad scientist or Frankenstein they called him he goes to the future. During the time he was in the future he was presented with a power to get all humanity back to were it needed to be, but he decided to just go back to where he wanted to be back with his lover. At the end of the story the narrator had this to say” there was no way to escape time, and that this moment he had been granted to watch as a child which had never ceased to obsess him, was the moment of his death. Back to what the narrator had to say which was “there was no way to escape time” which was the theme of the whole story[4]. That’s the difference between these two stories. In “The Swimmer I feel like Neddy was just going through time just living it while the man in the La Jetta was trying to run away from time which is nothing you can do. Back to the statement from before I think that this was a term they use as a mental time travel scenario. Mental travel is the ability to bring to mind past events and imagine future ones [5]

@JShepp912: It's La Jetée and "The Swimmer." Be sure you're citing correctly and that you use strong secondary sources. Proofread for typos. —Grlucas (talk) 07:09, 10 September 2019 (EDT)

September 12,2019: The Gernsback Continuum

"The Gernsback Continuum" is a short science fiction is about an American Architecture/photographer in the 1930s period. During that time futuristic thoughts and ideas manifest. He is employed by a company named Borris-Waterford by Cohen. The company brings along a woman named Dialta Downes who was virtually chinless and evidently noted pop-art historian. She was the prime mover behind the latest Barris-Watford's project called " American Streamlined Moderne.


After reading and decipher the text the word continuum refers to a conceptual space, an alternative universe that exist alongside our own and occasionally intersects our own real world [6] and throughout the short story we see elements of what they want things to be like in the future like for instance " She was talking about those odds and ends of futuristic thirties and forties architecture you pass daily in American cities without noticing: the movie marquess ribbed to radiate some mysterious energy, the dime stores faced with fluted aluminum, the chrome-tubed chairs gathering dust in the lobbies of transient hotels . She saw those things as segments of a dream world, abandoned in the uncaring present,"[1] This kind of remembered me of the times whenever I would watch something on TV and it would be something about the future like 2020 or 2021 where flying cars and some futuristic stuff would be in place but yet its nothing like on the TV. Like for instance the hover boards that came out. When hover boards are portrayed on the television you actually see them over of the ground by some inches but when they came out you see wheels on them which questions the name " Hoover-board"

September 12,2019 :" The Gernsback Continuum"/ "Blink"

You ever heard of the word illusion before. In both The Gernsback Continuum and blink both present illusions in their story. An illusion is something that is wrongly perceived or interpreted by the senses. In other words a deceptive appearance or impression. Both elements have reference to the future that they see in their present day. "Blink" episode revolves around the past present and future and how they all exist in one time period. Sally the protagonist has to fix the future so that she could be able to live in her future time so everything could not like the one she was in. Where as in "The Gernsback Continuum" it’s an alternate reality of how the future is supposed to look but yet it’s nothing like it. While trying to come up with multiple ways of making this future the present crumbs and becomes harder to live in.

Compare the game three card Monte to the doctor who episode of Blink. In classical game Three Card Monte you have to pay close attention to a the "Money" card that the dealer has a mark on. After the dealer moves the cards around so that you wont be able to locate the "Money" card and you have to guess where it is. The main thing you have to do to when the game is pay attention. Take your eyes off the card for a second and your done for. Same goes for the episode of blink. Turn your head off those weeping angels for a good second and they right behind you and you have lost. Just like how the episode started with the man on the TV set. " Don't blink. Blink and you're dead.

@JShepp912: Did you proofread? A bit more effort must be taken in these posts. —Grlucas (talk) 12:58, 16 September 2019 (EDT)

September 22,2019:We Can Remember it for you wholesale

Even thought the story was apart of the science fiction theme it had a dab of a mysterious theme as well. Like for instance Quail's internal struggle to validate his own memories and experiences. There was also a part in the story where Quail was talking to talking to Mr. McClane and he was trying to convince Quail to maintain his status and stick with his mission to mars. Even in that scene he seemed like a person who couldn't be trusted to me for some reason. at the end of the story many interpretations of how it could have ended. Like for instance he could have been killed by the company since the memory lost didn't work and he could go and tell people about the failure of the company. Another one is where the interplan spies tries to keep him alive because he known the truth and try to take down the company. [7]

  • Dick, Philip. We Can Remember It For You Wholesale (PDF).

September 22,2019: X-files Vs We Can Remember It For You Wholesale

After analyzing both science fiction elements there are some similarities like the thought of erasing the memories of other people and the use of the government throughout the stories. When Chrissy from the X-Files get hypnosis her story changed time after time and the way her stories came out just came from someone she heard before. With Quail he was going back and fourth with himself trying to figure out if he actually went to mars or not. Both stories did a good job with memory lose using some type of technology. It kinda of remind me of today's society because we get so caught up in technology that it takes our mind away from reality and we get lost.

@JShepp912: More effort, including analysis, references, and following guidelines on the lessons are necessary here. Please see my feedback that I will be updating through the day on 9/24/19. —Grlucas (talk) 10:51, 24 September 2019 (EDT)

September 29, 2019 Black Mirror "The History of You"/ The Girl Who Was Plugged In

Memories that we have mold us together into creating who we are Psychology Today .[8]. Without the memories we have we wont be able to retain information or be able to remember anything entertaining we did. After watching the Black Mirror episode The History of You I was fascinated by the technology implanted inside the characters to replay their memory (grain). The way you could show your memories through the look of your own eyes is really amazing. Just think about it if we all had a grain inside of us we wouldn't need a camera or video recorder device for anything. As well as the social media platforms would kind of in a way decrease in value because we can just replay what we did to our friends and family. There is a downfall to the grain mechanism and that was the point in this exact episode. We all harvest something inside of us that we all dont want other people to see like cheating on a spouse, a crime, or just something that doesn't need to be out in the open.


When watching the episode at first I thought Liam was an overbearing and or jealous about the fact his wife had someone backlash with Jonas but as the episode continued on he became more of a concerned partner in the relationship. Think of it like as a husband in a marriage and he feels and or sees his wife acting differently around another man he'll get suspicious about it and act the way he did in the show. The fact that he actually sat there and watched his wife cheat on him with Jonas from her memory shows how bad he was really in love with this person. Of it was me i couldn't be able to see that or drag it out of my significant other. The only question I have is at the end when he took out his memory chip wouldn't he still have the memory in his original mind.


Fi tried to play the innocent card the whole entire time till her lies ran out. When she was asked the question how long did her and Jones at first she replied by saying a week, a week tuned into 3 months and 3 months may have turned into 18 months. Her body language really gave everything away and that's how she got caught.

Communication is Key

Throughout both the Black Mirror episode and The Girl Who Was Plugged In communication has to be the the main points. Black Mirror episode presented communication in the way in which memory could be played back and fourth throughout a memory implant in the persons. This type of communication wasn't really like any other form of communication like verbal, nonverbal or anything else[9]. They used memories to help them communicate by using their eyes and a remote to replay certain parts of their life and tell them what they need to know to try to convince other people. In The Girl Who Was Plugged In communication was used in a way of controlling the person. The company GTX wired up P.Burke and basically made her into a remote going around telling people what they should be aware of and the different types of products they should use. It was like a controlling technique to help the company become more popular. Its like when companies today use celebrities to promote their business to attract new people and increase their profits.

@JShepp912: Still having issues with formatting, references, and conventions. You should see me during my office hours. —Grlucas (talk) 11:48, 30 September 2019 (EDT)

October 13,2019: Deep Space Nine

In the episode “Far Beyond the Stars” from Deep Space Nine we see the main character faced with racism and prejudice. Even while watching the show it didn't really seem like it was going to be a real science fiction episode. while it did have some bits and pieces there it felt more like an informative or piece that was meant to teach a lesson about something that's important in the time period. We see the first act of racism where the editor was told that they where going to take a picture of their department but Benny Russell the only black person in the department but was unable t be in the picture. The editor said that the world wasn’t ready to see one of the writers or editors witnessing a black person being apart of a writing department. He was also faced with prejudice where he wrote an amazing story about a black space commander bur was turned down once again by the editor because he went to the dead and turned the story down. The story was turned down because of the fact that the superhero of the story was black. At the same time, he was having visions about him being inside his story about the spaceship commander. Back then in those days and age it was very hard for the black person to be either successful or shown some sort of appreciation for their works. Prejudice and Racism ran high in the 1950's and still is today. Even in today's society it still is alive today but in a different form than it was back then. The thing that got me was the mirroring of the two different worlds. It was like back when people people of color were fighting for their freedom and while they were in the fight the had dreams or could feel things changing as time goes by.

October 13,2019 : Deep nine and butler

Racism comes in many different shapes and sizes. Inside the Deep Space Nine Episode and Bloodchild you could say that there is racism inside both of them but in a different format.

Bloodchild we see the Terrans's think that that have been saved by the Tlic's by making them stay on their planet to escape being enslaved by their own home planet. since they have been helped it like an eye for an eye or tooth for a tooth. SO the Terran's have escaped one situation but facing a much more devise one now. Since the Tlic's own the preserve that the Terran's are on now they are keep as slaves as they are restricted into things they can and cannot do. in both works of there's a point in both stories where the main characters realize they have had enough of the struggle they have to face in their time period. for Benny his last stand was when his story wasn't going to be published because of the black heroism stand and at the same time getting fired because of it. After Gan witnessed a C-Section and talking to his brother he realized that the Tlic's have just been taken advantage of them and using them for their own benefits.

October 20,2019 :The Cold Equation


A sacrifice is giving up something for someone else considered more important. Everyone has sacrificed something before in their own life that made them feel better about themselves that made the other person feel special. In the short story The Cold Equation sacrifices play an important role. Marilyn who hasn't seen her own brother in about ten years becomes a stowaway on a cargo ship just to see her brother. it was illegal for her to be on that cargo ship and was faced with punishment which was death. Even though she didn't do anything but be on the ship the penalty of her being on the ship was death.

@JShepp912: Great job pointing out it was a sacrifice! I felt the same way about it as well about Marilyn's death. It was a very sad situation with her. Tami Marie ( Tami Marie) 21:54 13, October 2019

October 20,2019 :"33"/ " The Cold Equation "

In both the short story and the human life and technology are present and recreated differently. In the short story the cold equation even though the stowaway girl didn't do anything but get on the ship to try to see her brother has to die because it was the law. Besides Baron and the others trying to kill her because of the fuel they had they could have tried to save her. They could have tried to take her back on earth because if you think about it even though she was a stowaway it seemed like they still had gas. They also could have put her on the same ship as her brother but then again it would have been probably the same thing. In Battlestar Galactica civilians take on cylons. Cylons were created by humanity designed to serve as solider and servants. eventually cylons became self-aware and rebelled against their creators [10] . These cylons began to take on human forms, by them taking on a human form it causes tension among other humans. the cylons have become their own race because they want to take over the real human race themselves.

October 27,2019 : Impossible Dream: Alternate Universe

Within impossible dreams you have Pete and Ally who live in the same world but two different universes. you have Pete who lives in today's universe watching movies as it's shown in today's society and on the other hand you have Ally from a different universe as she talks about the same movies but its has different actors or people playing the roles of the original person. our the currency she has is different form the world of Pete's. its basically like a parallel universe. Like for instance in the Netflix series Stranger Things where in season 1 Will disappeared and was brought to the alternate dimension called " The Upside Down ".[11]. I believe that was where Ally was from. Like for instance where she stated that there was a sequel to the original movie The Breakfast Club called The Lunch Brunch, enlightened me because I did a project on The Breakfast Club and it was originally going to be named the Lunch Brunch [12]. So its like everything that was probably going to happen in Pete's universe happened in Ally's. Even through all of the different universes and what not Pete falls in love with Ally because they share the same interest in movies even though her are different from his. Just the sign of live and compassion grows on both the characters that make them have this type of bond that neither one of their universes can break.

October 27,2019:Alternate Universes Collide

The main theme that both Impossible dreams and Star Trek episode " The City on the Edge of Forever is a act of a parallel universe. In Star Trek you have Captain Kirk who lands on a planet and talks to the guardian thinking about going back in time to save Doctor McCoy from hurting himself. He then finds himself going back in time to save himself and the doctor and at the same time falling for a love interest. Just like Pete did. The only difference is that Pete and Ally would more than likely be able to have something going for themselves while if Kirk would stay with Edith it would be a horrible thing for both Kirk and Edith as it would damage the future of each others world.

@JShepp912: You should really come and talk with me. —Grlucas (talk) 12:09, 21 October 2019 (EDT)
@Grlucas: Are you available tomorrow. —JShepp912 (talk)

November 03,2019: Maneki Neko

" Maneki Neko is an upbeat, funny story that portrays a logical extension of the late lamented gift economy. upon which the internet was built. The central principle was that if people contributed what they could to the system for free,everyone would wind up better off [13]. Tsuyoshi has a good life, unlike his brother. He has a part time good where he is his own entrepreneur where he transfers films from older formats and he always follows the instructions he gets from his messenger like how he brought coffee for a stranger. the story is good and threatened by technological change. In this future, members of semi-secret networks are always doing small actions. These actions are usually to help pay it forward and supposedly have benefits in return to keep everything constantly going on to benefit this set up gift economy. Those people who are invested inside this economy are threatened and stuck.

November 02,3019 Hang the DJ & Maneki Neko

Hang the DJ is about putting people together like the dating app tinder or any other website but besides just matching it involves the technological advancement to another standard. you have two people choosing one another over the world the know. it’s also about partners especially after the last one you had before. in this technology driven episode they all had to follow what the machine said no matter what. They were basically stuck inside this mind driven machine just to make their lives better or so they thought. In one part of the show Frank asked the question " does this device have a thought of its own?" Which later own makes them think about rebelling against the system. In the ending of the episode Frank and Amy decide to rebel and when they do the system puts them in this loop of endless wrong matches. Eventually the real Frank and Amy get together.

Both pieces of work are driven by the works of technology and how it controls the mind of humans and how we do things. In the 21st century we as a people rely too much on technology. we spend countless hours on or phone, rely on a GPS to get around the cities or states we are in and even order things online like groceries or clothes. There isn't any more standing in line for anything it’s become easy access for almost anyone who has the capability to understand computers and how to navigate through websites. Both Pieces each character is stuck in something they either don’t want to be a part of or trying to get out of with all their might no matter what it takes for them.

@JShepp912: In both stories they do have to rely heavily on what technology is telling them to do in order to function. There is almost an unspoken currency that is simply just points earned for going with what is expected in their societies to function and what is expected of them even by the technology itself. Tprouty93 (talk) 01:18, 4 November 2019 (EST)

December 08,2019: Reflective Essay

Throughout this fall semester this class was able to teach me more about science fiction and how it came about. Not only Science Fiction part of the class that brought information to life but as well as giving solid information about writing and editing information that’s going to be seen for a public audience. Even though English classes do this for you this class goes beyond that. It’s just not just about putting citations in a machine and pasting them on a word document. You actually search for the information needed to make sure you give praise to the right person. From the journal entries you learned a lot about science fiction and how it was brought to life. Imagination runs wild inside your head and being able to bring it to life is an amazing sight to see. Think about it flying cars, hover-boards, time travel and anything else that hasn’t been invented yet comes all to life inside a science fiction story. Like for instance the episode of Black Mirror were you could see your mirrors through your eyes and present them on a screen.


History of Science Fiction
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