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August 25, 2019: New Media (Post 1)

New Media in my own definition is digital ways of communication to keep to world up-to-date on what’s new, hot, bad for you, or where people mostly express what they are most passionate about. For example many people use blogs in order to express personal opinions about politics or the hottest celebrities out today. Music videos are a form of new media because a lot of technology is used in order to create a vision and get people noticed. Other examples could include YouTube, Facebook, tumbler, twitter, the news, and many more because they all are digital forms of digital communication. One can express their own opinions and facts through these platforms about what goes on in the world around them and you get to see what life is like from another person’s perspective and most can relate to what others say most of the time which can seem kind of crazy. New media is important and in a digital age without having new media it would be hard to get a lot of things out into the world and be able to express one’s self with the world.

August 25, 2019: New Media (Post 2)

I've learned that new media is a study that involves the ways that people communicate or participate with digital technologies and also the social and cultural changes that it makes. New media is any type of digital techonology that can be used to communicate with another digital devices [1]. Techonolgy continues to get more advanced and making easier ways to keep up and communicate with other humnas creating less face to face interaction. The United States was slow to catch up with engagement in the new media era when other countries were having festivals for new media and art [2]. I have also learned that because of new media there are more consumers in the world because of the use of media and production. Many people can promote any product that they want to sell to anyone and run a successful business from behind a coumpter due to more and more people shopping online [3]. There has become a high demand for using new media and it has its pros and cons but what in life doesn't.

September 8, 2019, Foundational Thinkers (Post 3)

Charles Babbage was a mathematician philosopher, mechanical engineer and, inventor that was born in December 26 of 1791. I believe that he is important because he was the first the invent the mechanica; computer which led to the continuasion of more complex electrical desgins [4] . The memex [5] is the name of the hypothetical proto-hypertext system created by Vanner Bush. This device would compress individuals and store things like recods, communication, and books. In a simplier break down the memex is just a big memory storer for technology and without it we wouldn't be able to go back and look at what we've talked about or read in the new media world.

September 8, 2019 Marshall McLuhan (Post 4)

The Medium by Marshall McLuhan talks about ways that people send out information to other people and then how the information is received is more important than what the actual information is that is sent out. I believe that it is important for journals and news articles have a higher level of importance when trying to send out information because it has to be more reliable and able to make people aware of what is going on aroung them. Media has continued to grow within the work today because we have many ways to send out informmation to people [6]. There are many perks and downfalls to using social media and technology because we are able to communicate differently and faster with those whom are far away, but it also takes a lot of focus away in many of our day to day tasks.

September 15, 2019 Being Digital (Post 5)

Nicholas Negroponte's Being Digital talks about ways of the meaning of being digital and how information is being delivered amongst one another. The digital world continues to change and will continue to grow even in the years to come. Negroponte points out that bits stand alone as it's own state of being and presented as 1's and/or 0's [7]. Being that more and more people are able to access things like movies and music without purchasing DVD's or CD's it caused a lot of movie stores to go out of business. There are pro's, like not having to waste gas and be in the store 30 mintues looking for a movie, and there are also con's, like someone being able to hack your computer through the movie webstite because you gave it access to your personal information. Being digital can be a headache and also a blessing for some but we must be cautious.

September 15, 2019 The Hacker (Post 6)

"The Hacker's Manifesto" is a story that taught me that technically everyone is a hacker in their own way. Some may not be as advanced as others but when it come's to the digital world we are all somewhat alike in what we do which means that even those whom get in trouble for hacking technically everyone is a hacker [8]. It does fit into being digital because depending on your level of knowledge to the digital world would determine what level hacker that you could become. A hacker is simpily someone that can find a easier way to do something that would benefit them in the long run. All hackers don't have criminal intent when they are inside the digital world. I believe that society has placed such a negative stigma on those whom are more advanced in the digital world. Catherine Bracy makes a vaild point in her ted talk when she states that for every hacker using their skills to do bad there is a hacker that is using their skills for good by trying to create something like a way to find your family after a disaster as she stated [9]. Unfortunately not all people are going to use their skills for good but if we could influnce more hackers to use those skills for good then we will be able to change the stigma on hackers.

September 22, 2019 Revolution OS (Post 7)

(O)pen-(S)ource (S)oftware is defined as being a type of software that released souces codes under a lincense that an copyright holder can grant rights to do things like change and distribute the software to anyone or for any purpose and study.Examples of Open Source are Apache HTTP Server, e-commerce platform OS Commerece, Mozilla Firefox and Chromium. [10]. What I learned from the Revolution OS documentary is that there are four freedoms that can regulate what could be or what couldn't be an open source. The four freedoms that makes a program includes being able to freely run a program for any purpose as you would wish to do so, give out copies to help others, study how other programs may work and make any changes that you want, and give out copies of your own modified versions to others.

Closed-source software or Proprietary software is considered to be a charged computer software in which the publisher or someone else recieves intellectual property rights. As stated by Richard Stallman in the Revolution OS documentary people would rather have simple and access without any issues. When using open source you can conotrol what you do with the program.

September 22, 2019 Explore (Post 8)

I discovered that an Open Source is something beyond access to a source code, however it accompanies guidelines that must be pursued with an open source programming. The primary concern that anybody can approach is the source code and that it ought to be upheld by some kind of innovation. For instance, the source code must be bolstered by simply being accessible to clients and approaching the web. This applies to new media since this give a chance to grandstand the plans to different clients. The Cathedral and the Bazaar applies to new media also on account of the wording and the product that gives innovative strategies that clients can use to create something new and new in Linux. Ultimately copyleft applies to new media because of the quantity of locales or other comparable mediums in new media that are copyrighted. The way in to this redistributing the source code which is done on the web today day by day.

September 29, 2019 Remix (Post 9)

Talking and recreating others content by using digital technology to say something different that wasn't said the first time is called Remix. Remix culture is considered to be something that is not new because people have been doing it for years with the industry. Lawrence Lessing believes that remix culture is not the same thing as piracy. Piracy is defined at someone taking someone else content and using the content to distribute it without the original publishers permisson [11]. He also states that the key tools to creativity have also became the tools of speech. Kids in our culture today have an increasingly understanding relationship between digital technology and themselves.

September 29, 2019 Explore (Post 10)

What I learned about remix culture could be very useful when someone has posted infomation and also allows others to add more useful information to what has already been said. You are given permisson by the publisher to use the information that is given to be able to use digital technology in order to say something that wasn't said the first time. My comprehension of new media is that it's nothing new, it's simply something that has never been done of on the off chance that it has whenever it'll be done any other way. It pursues a similar arrangement, however something unmistakably progressively progressive. While the participatory culture prepares change and different answers for help networks far and wide.

October 6 Sugata and Ted (Post 11)

What I got out of the assigned text and video is that we need to start `putting more education into technology for children because they are able to learn better. Most children are on there phones all day, everyday looking at other people play with toys or games when they could be learning more. Sugata Mitra [12] experiments prove that children want to learn and learn better when they are learning from something that they use every day. Those children learned to understand the computer that he had left there for two months. Even though they don’t understand want fully goes on they are looking at it everyday to try to learn how to use it. Ted Nelson [13] breaks down what a computer actually is and how it is a big part of life now. We use it to communicate or find new foods to cook for dinner and it’s quite amazing. They both add to the fact that we now use digital technology to do almost everything in that, so it has become a strong essential to life itself. Being digital can be a very positive experience as long as we continue to implement the use of adding things that will benefit us in with our future. Digital technology has become an important part of our human lives but hopefully it doesn’t get to the point where it becomes a need to live. The hacker spirit fits into my experience with new media because I am a part of those people whom love technology and uses it a majority of the day. I always to want to know what’s new going on in the world today or what we could do to help enhance learning to those whom have trouble learning through computers.

@IbrahimJabbie: You should see me. —Grlucas (talk) 10:13, 3 October 2019 (EDT)
@IbrahimJabbie: I agree that we do need to take more time to educate children on technology. Kids are on their phones and tablets all day and unlike the children from those small villages it seems to me that children now are using technology and not necessarily moving towards improving it. How do you feel that we can improve and encourage the youth to explore more technology. HashondraJames (talk)

October 6, 2019 Suggested Readings (Post 12)

"The Digital Gap Between Rich and Poor Kids Is Not What We Expected" by Nellie Bowles [14]. Gave me more of an understanding about technology usage depending on someone'e economic status. I've always figured that most rich children would have better access to the digital world because they are able to afford the resources needed to have internet. While some struggle to get to that point to make sure that their child can fit in with everyone else. Those of higher income are more out of tune with reality not needing human interaction. I find it kind of a problem that technology has become so heavily needed because those whom are already stuggling feels the need to want to keep up and try to fit in with those whom can afford it. Moya Sarner [15] article states that digital media effects us in psychological ways as well. There is an envy that can be created when you see others doing what you want to be doing. It's not good because it just continues to destory ones self-determination to reach those goals. Constantly being able to look back on that time is haunting because it's sits there as a reminder of what you didn't accomplish, when it should set as a motivation to get to that goal. I believe that if we begin to get motivated by others acheievements because seeing it should just trigger that it's possible to reach that goal. I learned that if you get to deep into digital media that it could affect ones mental state and not in a postive manner. We have to find a way to take digital media as ways of self motivation and be able to see that any goal we want is possible to achieve.

@IbrahimJabbie: Please proofread. Once again, please use paragraphs and citation templates. You have what appear to be two strong sources, but I'm not sure you know how to use them. Please make a point of signing up for a face-to-face session. I'm requiring this for you. —Grlucas (talk) 11:47, 7 October 2019 (EDT)

October 13, 2019 Life as we know it (Post 13)

In my personal opinion I believe that real life is not always real to everyone. I believe that everyone has their own personal opinion of what real life maybe. I believe that real life is whatever life that you are being completely yourself in without judgement or care in the world. There are many ways that people want to get away from life so they take vactions or become an online addict. I believe that the digital world has given people many ways to get away from their reality. Julian Dibbell's "A Rape in Cyberspace"[16] shows how people have made it hard for them to differentiate between the digital world and the real world. Dibell article shows that people make the digital word their reality by describing how a man used a digital character to cyber rape other players and those players felt like it was happening directly to them. I believe that people become in tune with the digital world and linking it to reality because we can become another person for hours. Alexandra ALther's "Is this Man Cheating on His Wife?" [17] ties into why we link digital to reality due to wanting to be someone else for a moment. This article shows how we spend money, time, and a lot of effort in the digital world. I believe that there are pros to the digital world but I believe it becomes an issue when we make the digital world the real world.

October 13, 2019 Second Life (Post 14)

Second Life was a very interesting virtual reality game. There are a lot of things that you can do and interact with which makes it very fun. Most people in this virtual reality are hard to speak with due to either language barriers or people not really wanting to communicate. I realized that this game could easily become something that I could continue playing for houre because that would be the time that i could escape my "reality" and be someone that I'm not. I believe that when it comes to online people love to just escape the stress and worries that life brings to them even if its just for a few hours a day. For most of Amercia it is hard to have to money to go on endless vacations to get away for a while so they have to settle with being online. I am having trouble finding someone on the game to do a interview with because no one is willing to communiate or accept the interveiw. This was a very interseting excerise.

October 20th Narratology, Multiform stories and Video Games (Post 15)

Multiform stories provide a different way of interpret and also engage with a story and is very important to narratology. Having a good narrative for a story is very important for the reader to be able to grasp and makes the story more interesting and hard to put down. Multiform stories can really make a story, movie, or game give a different perspective on how we view our reality because of how closely related that they can be. Janet Murray states that a multiform story can somewhat reflect our difference in perspectives between an event that we see and how we ourselves look into our own reality [18]. I believe that video games use this form very well. As a heavy video game player myself I believe that video games tells stories that a very similar to reality which makes it easy to combine reality to the digital world. The gaming world can be very enteraining because you have to make decisions in the game all the way until the end. Games like Sims is a form of a multiform story because you are basically living a virtual lifestyle. The narrative is your choice on if you want to raise a family or live in a big house alone and party all the time.

October 20, 2019 Explore (Post 16)

In perusing "Game Design as Narrative Architecture" [19], I discovered that the activity of making spaces and a universe for players is significant for game structure. Despite the fact that I know through close to home experience that a game without a vivid world is level and unexciting, I see that the job of the character's reality is vital in inspiring the player to investigate and travel through the story line.

All the more explicitly, the content references to the fame of the early Nintendo games. The games were basic as far as their story yet were esteemed complex on account of the designs used to make a virtual world. Jenkins says that these games turned into a triumph since individuals realized that they "were quite a lot more complex than the straightforward frameworks that Pong or PacMan had".

Eventually,video games that advanced from the inventive style of Nintendo turned out to be all the more outwardly engaging and alluring to gamers.

October 27, 2019 (Post 17)

October 27, 2019 (Post 18)

Novmeber 3, 2019 (Post 19)

November 3, 2019 (Post 20)

This course was my first involvement in Wikipedia and in all honesty it was torment in the asking up the center of the semester. I can't lie I truly battled for the main half and after the eye to eye I improved seeing, ideally it wasn't past the point of no return! In general I truly delighted in the test, now and again more than others! My commitment to " Being Digital" was essentially to give it some life. It actually was a dead profile to me and I did as well as could be expected to make it wake up. I included another segment which fundamentally addressed the effect that Being Digital had previously and later on. Negroponte is such a chronicled figure in the innovation world, his forecasts and commitments will never be overlooked. I was so happy I had the option to add more data to the page and give legitimate regard to what he had done to the advanced society. It was somewhat elusive significant data to add to the data previously gave without rehashing what was at that point there. Eventually I feel as if I added what was absent to the page. I'm happy I chosen to do this theme for my last article since I'm extremely energetic about the development of innovation and where it's going and I don't feel like we would be going toward this path without Negroponte. Despite the fact that Wikipedia was hard to explore from the start I can regard any individual who chooses to remove time from their lives to give precise data for the entire world to see. Despite my struggles using wikipedia, this was a great learning experence and I wouldn't mind learning more to be able to spread knowledge or even make a educational blog. This has been quite an experience for me and I made sure that I finshed strong and pushed through my struggles.


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