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August 25, 2019: New Media

Journal 1

New media to me is the way of the world of which we live in. What I mean by that is the technology, networking, and the speed of which media or gadgets drives us as humans. Each day there is something worth noting. The pace of which information travels is far more advanced than how things were in the past. The capacity of which devices impact our lives in are our every day lives is enormous. Lastly, we as the consumers provide feedback to the direct new media that is presented to promote a product or company.

Journal 2

New Media is something we should all be excited for in the future. The possibilities are endless and exciting. New Media influences plenty of the aspects of our lives already, so things can only become more advanced than ever. "In the article, Dixon mentions that self driving cars, clean energy, VR / AR (virtual and augmented reality), drones, flying cars, better food, and more will be the next wave of technological advances." [1]. Most of the things he mentioned are now happening today and are becoming more and more advanced daily. Think about the inventors whose legacies remain in the spotlight today because of the inventions and willingness to push the way of technology forward. The future is still bright and full of big expectations to see how new media is developed to top what is being done today. New media is bound to evolve over the periods of time and never remain restricted from growth.

September 8, 2019: Foundational Thinkers

Journal 3

Early attempts to conceive an information device for a new age can be up for debate. From the article The Father Of Mobile Computing Is Not Impressed "Alan Kay is one of the forefathers of personal computing; he's what you can safely call a living legend" [2]. Charles Babbage is also considered to be a "forefather of the computer, developed the concept of the digital programmable computer, and he is credited for inventing the first mechanical computer that led to more electronic designs" [3]. Even though Babbage helped shape the way of foundational thinkers giving them more ideas to go off from Vannevar Bush and the Memex also helped inspire future inventions. Licklider, J.C.R. was another trailblazer that helped make interaction between the users and the computer more easier to navigate. Licklider wanted man and computer to be compatible [4]. Weiner, Norbert also saw a connection between the mechanisms and behavior in machines [5]. These intelligent thinkers have influenced new media in a great way and I think it's amazing how each thinker has taken each idea that one before them had created and made an even more bigger impact on new media. The process of that has given new media and other thinkers the ability to grow into something much more colossal.

September 8, 2019: Marshall McLuhan

Journal 4

Marshall McLuhan is best known for his saying "the medium is the message" [6]. McLuhan's saying personally reflects new media in a nutshell. For example, if we look at apps today such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, they all have an effect on how we communicate with each other. We take pictures, like them, we tell the world or friends how we are feeling or what's on our mind at the time, and make new friends through these apps. Technology has stretched that medium and technology is the message of what continues to become more advanced daily. In today's society, going a day or two without your phone is absurd and really impossible. Think about it, going a day without a phone now someone would be considered missing, and that's how advanced technology has come.

September 13, 2019: Negroponte

Journal 5

Nicholas Negroponte a Greek American architect wrote the book called Being Digital. "Negroponte launched the MIT Media Laboratory in 1985. The lab was founded in response to the growing role of computers in modern life and had a mandate to raise funds and find creative ways to develop new digital media technologies" [7] Negroponte centered the book around how digital technology would continue to advance in our everyday lives. In the book Negroponte discusses atoms and bits, which breaks down how physical objects such as CD for example will broken down into a bit, which is digital. I thought it was interesting that that Negroponte believed that physical objects would soon be all digital. Negroponte also had a TED talk 5 Predictions [8] in 1984, he was ahead of his time and the accuracy of his Ted talk amazed me. The world of technology is changing rapidly everyday. We are more dependent on our phones more than ever now. Each year we have a new iPhone model introduced, newer computers, bigger televisions, a new video game system, simulations, and more. With new advances the cost for these things increase more.

@Armond.trice: It was definitely weird to read and watch this man describing our present day lives. He somehow predicted that everything would become digital one day, an we are definitely moving towards that. With our phones, online bill pay, medical records being moved to online, and so much more, the entire world is at our fingertips and he predicted that literally thirty years ago, when the internet had just come out. So cool. Hthrxlynn (talk) 00:18, 15 September 2019 (EDT)

September 14, 2019: Hacker

Journal 6


New Media - Gerald R. Lucas

Eleven reasons to be excited about the future

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